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Magdalyn Segale, 2020


Anaemia-dry, cotton squelch,

something like the horror of

crunching your tongue.


Mom blushes, fairy haired. It reminds her 

of, “it’s gross but,” pulling out 

a tampon dry. Just after, 

she took a cigarette from a stranger’s

mouth and smoked it. 


Iron supplement, yellowed leaf.

Two baths today, licked salt

mucus as it fell-

the closest thing to sex going.


Robust dreamstar ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Not feeling close. Blood pudding,

clotted cream, beef roast.

Perhaps the difference between

sleeping and cumming. Penny flavor, 

from heaven.


In a dream, the sort of 

backache that means

you’re on track.

Coo through the night.

Soak the mattress,

wake up fainting.

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