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The Falling

Marie Lund

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland

Oct. & Nov. 2021

Curator: Nadia Veronese

Cally Spooner

An Exchangeable Solo Built from the Knowledge of Two Non-Exchangeable Groups 2015/2021

For the presentation at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Marie Lund has created new sculptural works that refer to particular aspects of the architecture. Installed directly onto the ceiling construction and the columns, the sculptures inscribe themselves into space and articulate the transitions between the different surfaces. The integrated position shifts the relationship between the exhibition space and the exhibited object and negotiates the roles between what holds and what is held. In order to explore the sculptures as a site and occasion for conversations, Marie Lund has integrated artworks by other artists into the context of the exhibition. Outside, a large half-figure by Hans Josephsohn is situated next to the horizontal and pedestal-like structures. In the exhibition spaces, photographs by Frederik Worm and a live-work by Cally Spooner question and negotiate sculpture in regard to its timeliness and temporality.

Photos by Stefan Rohner and Daniel Anmann

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